Solar Generator Kit

Solar Generator Kit

The Portable Solar Power Generator Kit is an independent Solar Panel Kit that integrates Solar Charger, Lithium-ion or Lead Acid Battery and Inverter in one kit. It is a small-scale photovoltaic power generation system.

*These Solar Generators are high integration, Plug and Play.
*The Solar Generator Kits are built-in Lithium-ion battery or Lead Acid Battery, Long Life Span.
*Full System Protection, Over-charger/over-discharge, Short Circuit Protection
*Built in FM Radio and 5V USB output for Phones and Digital appliances recharging.

They are particularly suitable for use in non-electric areas and places such as mountainous areas, islands, outdoor camping, disaster relief, and various fishing boats, or used as Backup Battery System in the Urban areas where there is frequent power outages.

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China Best Solar Generator Kit Manufacturer and Supplier

Looking for Solar Generator Kit to enrich your Solar Business Line or your Next Solar Project?
SUNVIS SOLAR, as a 17 years experienced Solar Generator Kit Manufacturer, offers professional service & reasonable price for the plug and play Solar Generator Kit in different power capacity.
All ranges are assembled in premium quality by our professional skilled workers in our own factory. Explore & find the best Solar Generator Kit for your project

Lithium Solar Generator

3W Lithium Solar Generator

Model No.: SHS-1202L
3W Solar Panel, 4AH Lithium Battery, 2pcs LED Lamps, USB output

4W Lithium Solar Generator

Model No.:SHS-1204
4W Solar Panel, 3.7V/5200mAH Lithium Battery, 3PCS LED Lamps

20W LiFePO4 Solar Generator

Model No.:SHS-1220L
20W Solar Panel, 13Ah/12.8V LiFePO4 Battery, 3pcs LED Lamps

30W LiFePO4 Solar Generator

Model No.:SHS-1230L
30W Solar Panel, 19.5Ah/12.8V LiFePO4 Battery, 3-6pcs LED Lamps

Solar Generator with FM Radio

3W Solar Generator with FM Radio

Model No.: SHS-1202
3W Solar Panel, 6V/4AH Battery, 2pcs LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

10W Solar Generator with FM Radio

Model No.: SG-1210W
10W Solar Panel, 12V/7AH Battery, 2pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

20W Solar Generator with FM Radio

Model No.: SG-1220W
20W Solar Panel, 12V/12AH Battery, 4pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

30W Solar Generator with FM Radio

Model No.: SG-1230W
30W Solar Panel, 12V/17AH Battery, 6pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

Solar Generator with Metal Case

10W Solar Home System

Model No.: SHS-1207
10W Solar Panel, 12V/7AH Battery, 3pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

20W Solar Home System

Model No.: SHS-1212
20W Solar Panel, 12V/12AH Battery, 4pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

30W Solar Home System

Model No.: SHS-1217
30W Solar Panel, 12V/17/20AH Battery, 6pcs 3W LED Lamps, FM Radio and USB output

How We Do Quality Control

We strictly control the quality of our solar products and inspect every part before mass production and assembly

Solar Panel Inspection

Solar Panel Output Power Inspection
Solar Panel Output Voltage Inspection
Solar Panel Current Inspection

Battery Inspection

Battery Charge / discharge Performance Inspection
Battery Cycle Life Inspection
Battery Capacity Inspection

System Controller Inspection

Over Charge Protection Inspection
Over Discharge Protection Inspection
Short Circuit Inspection
No Load Loss Inspection

LED Lamp Lumens Inspection

LED Lumens Inspection
LED Color Temperature Inspection




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    Q: How many ways to charge the Solar Generator?

    A: There are two ways to charge the solar generator:

    1. By Solar Panel, Which is included in the package.

    2. By AC adaptor, The adaptor is optional, It is not included in the package, If you need, we can supply the AC adaptor.

    Q: Can the end-user use the Solar home system without Solar Panel?

    A: Yes, For the area where there is mains available, but the power always a failure, we suggest to order the kit with AC adaptor, without Solar Panel, Because you can charge the battery when the power is available, and use the kit as back up when the power cuts. It will save cost.

    Q: What type of battery is in the SOLAR GENERATOR?

    A: There are three types of battery to choose, Lead-acid Battery, Lithium Battery, and LiFePO4 Battery, The maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery (AGM) is similar to what is found in the Motorcycle. Here are some basic facts about AGM batteries:

    *AGM batteries should be kept full at all times. It is good for battery life.

    *AGM batteries last longer if you do not drain them completely.

    So we suggest to fully charged the solar system at least three a month if not using the solar system in a long time

    *Lithium Battery is about 800 times recycle, It is better than Lead-acid Battery

    *LiFePO4 Battery is about 2000 times recycle, you can use it for about 4-5 years without replacing new battery

    Q: How do I know if my Portable Solar Generator is charged?

    A: To check the charge level of the solar generator, refer to the LED Battery Display. When lit up, you’ll see a LED indicator for battery capacity, indicating the current charge level. When all the LED indicators are lit up, It means the battery is fully charged. When the LED indicator is flashing, It means the battery is charging by Solar.

    Q: Is the lead-acid battery inside the Solar Generator replaceable?

    A: Yes, It is replaceable, It is lead-acid 12V 17AH Battery. It is very popular in the local market. You can change it easily. It is plug and play.

    Q: How long can the Home Solar Generator last with the bulbs?

    A: You can calculate the lighting time like this(taking 12V/17AH battery and 1pc 3W LED Lamp)

    Lighting time in hours=Battery voltage*Battery Capacity/Lamp Power

    Lighting time in hours=12V*17AH/3W=68Hrs