1How can you be your overseas distributor?
In each region, we select only one of the most powerful distributors and price protection. For detailed information, please send Email to : info@sunvis-solar.com
2Do you supply OEM/ODM Service?
Yes, we can customize the design for you, which exactly as your demand, you Logo, you slogan,etc.
3Can I get a sample to test your products quality?
Yes, Some small samples will be free. You can contact any of our sales for the samples, They will give you all the help.
4What’s the difference between a high-frequency inverter than a low-frequency inverter?

1. Well, essentially, from a physical standpoint, high frequency inverter are High efficiency, do not have big heavy copper transformer. So it is smaller and lighter than a low-frequency inverter.

2. Low frequency inverter is High surge capability and more stability, Long continuous draw. it contains a large copper transformer. it’s going to be bigger and heavier than high-frequency inverter.

3. High frequency inverter take up less room and it is of a big advantage in a lot of RVs, work trucks and small home appliances and office(lighting, TV, Fan and computers).

Low frequency inverter are suitable for larger and long continuous draw loads, such as motors under load, compressors and air conditioners.

5How to calculate the working time of Your Solar Products?
Working time=Battery capacity*Battery Voltage*DOD of Battery*Inverter efficiency/Loads power.
For example, 12V/100AH Battery to power a 100W Light,
Working time=100AH*12V*0.7*0.9/100=7.56Hours
*Battery DOD=70%
*Inverter efficiency=90%


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