1.5KW Solar Home System Installed in Lagos, Nigeria


How to Choose and Maintenance Solar Street Light Battery?

Table of Contents Solar street light battery types 1.1. Lead-acid battery 1.2. GEL battery 1.3. Lithium battery 1.4. LiFePO4 battery Solar Street Light battery Maintenance methods […]

SUNVIS SOLAR was selected as the research object of solar generators trends(2018-2023)

As a leading supplier of Solar Generators & Solar Power Backup Generator, SUNVIS SOLAR has been helping UNDP and ADB supplied excellent Solar Generators for Sudan […]

3 Ways to Improve your Solar Home System Output Power

Your Home Solar Energy System has less revenue? It may be that these points are not done well! On grid and Off grid Home Solar Energy […]

Mobile/Movable Solar Street Lighting

Mobile Solar Street Light installed in Italy, The Pole height can be adjusted from 1m to 6m, It is designed for customers that are in need of […]

SUNVIS debuted again in 12th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition 2018

From May 28 to May 30, 2018, the 12th International Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition & Conference was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The […]

20W Solar Street Light for UNDP Project in South Sudan

SUNVIS All in one Solar Street Light were exported to South Sudan for UNDP project at beginning of 2018. This Solar Street Light is built in […]

3KW Solar Home System Installed in Nigeria

3KW Solar system was installed in Nigeria in the year of 2017. The solar system includes below: 4PCS 300W Poly Solar Panel, Grade A. 4PCS 12V/200AH […]

Solar Floodlight installed in Trinidad and Tobago

Solar Floodlight, 20W Solar Panel, 11.1V 8AH Lithium Battery, 108LED